At the end of the first quarter of 2014, Daimler employed 276,322 people worldwide (end of Q1 2013: 274,555). Of that total, 167,746 were employed in Germany (end of Q1 2013: 166,265), 21,188 in the United States (Q1 2013: 21,702), 13,828 in Brazil (end of Q1 2013: 14,622) and 11,256 in Japan (end of Q1 2013: 11,242). Our consolidated companies in China had 2,085 employees at the end of the first quarter (end of Q1 2013: 1,743). Due to reorganization in the context of the Customer Dedication initiative, the numbers of employees previously reported under “Sales Organization” are included in the respective divisions as of 2014. This does not yet apply, however, to the Group’s own sales and service centers in Germany and the spare-parts warehouse in Germersheim, whose employees are reported under “Corporate Functions & Services” as of 2014.




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